What Are Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments?

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There are different options when it comes to non-invasive body contouring treatments, all of which help with the removal of excess fat. Low-level laser therapy is one option and this treatment emits cold laser energy into the patient’s body tissues that are absorbed by fat cells, which causes them to break down and become absorbed into the body. Ultrasound is another option you can consider, which makes use of focused sound waves with high intensity that disrupt fat cells and cause them to dissolve slowly over time. Radiofrequency is also used often for body contouring and this option delivers controlled energy to excess fat areas, which creates heat within the fat cells and because it delivers it so deeply, the heat ultimately causes their destruction.

As these treatments are non-invasive, they involve very minimal recovery time and most patients are able to resume their regular daily activities that same day. Multiple sessions will be required in order for the treatment to be effective and, in most cases, results will become visible in about two to four months and patients will see a decrease in fat bulges. The treatments are not painful and only a slight burning sensation may be felt in some cases. Redness in the area that was treated is very normal, as a bruise, both of which will last just a few hours after which they will be cleared away. 

In order to determine whether or not any of these treatments are right for you, a trained professional will have to review your medical history, after which an honest discussion will take place regarding the expectations and outcome of the chosen procedure, along with any risks that may be associated with it. While these treatments are effective, there is no guarantee that you will see the exact results you’re after, which is very important to understand. 

It’s also important to have realistic expectations regarding these treatment options and to understand that they are not substitutes for a healthy diet and exercise. Unrealistic ideas about these treatments and their results will lead to disappointment with the outcome and you may not be a suitable candidate for the procedures with that mindset. These treatments are meant for excess fat removal and body contouring and so long as your expectations are realistic, you will most likely be deemed an appropriate candidate. 

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