Differences Between Coolsculpting and BodyFX

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If you are looking to remove fat from your body and trim certain areas of your figure, there are two options that can help you with this desire or need. Coolsculpting and BodyFX are both non-invasive procedures that can help you obtain a figure you are more comfortable with.

If you are unsure of what each procedure entails, here is a breakdown of each to help you with your decision:


This is a cold based treatment in which a machine cools the fat cells causing crystallization which then allows the fat cells to disappear over time. Many people love this treatment because of the low risk nature of the process. No drugs or anesthesia are required to undergo coolsculpting and the patient feels nothing but a cold sensation and some pressure in the area of the body that is being treated.

The process is quick and the patient does not endure any pain. Once the treatment is complete, it can take anywhere from two to four months for the fat to breakdown and the results of the fat loss to appear. This treatment is preferred by those who are looking to get rid of fat in general areas such as the hips, midsection or thighs because it’s meant to eliminate more fat overall. If you are not looking to target a specific section or area, this treatment could be the one for you.


This treatment consists of radio frequency energy, deep tissue heating as well as light vacuum pressure. Unlike Coolsculpting, the BodyFX applicator applies heat directly to the skin and underlying fat resulting in the tissue to heat and contract which then causes the skin to tighten and melts the fat cells over time. The applicator used in this treatment allows for custom contouring and body shaping because you can specifically target the area you want.

BodyFX is unique because it is the only fat reduction procedure that actually tightens the skin. When the fat cells disappear over time, the skin is not left saggy. The heat that is applied in this treatment is not painful and is safe to use anywhere on the body. BodyFX is also known for helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite in addition to tightening the skin, a bonus for many who want to eliminate unwanted cellulite in certain parts of their body. Similar to Coolsculpting, it normally takes anywhere from two to four months for results to be seen.

If you are in the Vaughan area and are considering either of these treatments, visit Enriched Med Spa for all of your body contouring and BodyFX inquiries. They will go over the treatment with you and help you on your path to a better you!

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