Why You Should Choose Medi-Facial Over Spa Facial

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Tired of spending money on spa facials and not seeing any significant skin improvements? Medical-facials (medi-facials) give you natural, effective results that are designed specifically for your unique skin type. Spa facials are conducted the same way for every client with little regard to skin sensitivity. A spa facial is more of a surface level procedure to relax the skin rather than take special care to treat it to give real results. Wouldn’t you want a facial that’s personalized for your skin so it can improve?

Find out why medi-facials are a better investment and how you can get natural, refreshing results that last.

Medi-Facial Process

Medi-facials are done by Enriched Med Spa’s professionally trained medical aestheticians who create a custom treatment for your skin. Whether you have severe blackheads, want brighter skin or a natural facelift, we have medi-facials for it all. Using medical-grade products and natural ingredients, our aestheticians go beyond the surface to treat your skin properly. 

What Are The Benefits?

Unlike spa facials, Medi-facials go beyond the skin’s surface to treat skin from the inside out to intensively clean the skin. Medi-facials rejuvenate the skin instead of stripping its nutrients which allow the skin to improve and turn more radiant. Medi-facials can improve acne, diminish the appearance of blackheads, exfoliate, correct skin discoloration and improve collagen circulation. Our products are dermatologist approved which means you are treated to the best and safest skincare products. 

Medi-Facials by Enriched Med Spa 

Enriched Med Spa offers four different types of medi-facials plus a 3-in-1 super medi-facial for clients to choose from. 

Express Blackhead Removal (45 min) Facial

  • The quickest medi-facial that Enriched Med Spa has to offer, is an effective blackhead removal treatment. 
  • Deep cleansing treatment with steam infused with eucalyptus to remove the visibility of these imperfections from your skin.

Deep Pore Purification Facial (1 HR)

  • Similar to the express blackhead removal facial, but includes a Japanese white charcoal mask with an energy balancing scalp massage.

Casmara Prestige Medi-Facial (1.5 HRS)

  • Gives a deep pore cleanse, vitamin c exfoliation and eucalyptus steam.
  • A relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage to relieve stress, followed by a Casmara mask.
  • Safe for pregnant women.

Insta-Lift Facial (2 HRS)

  • An anti-aging medi-facial that lifts, smoothens and regenerates the skin.
  • Uses an advanced Tri-Pollar Radio Frequency treatment on the face followed by a vitamin c exfoliation. 

Oxygeno 3-In-1 Anti-Aging Super Facial

  • A 3-in-1 super medi-facial to revive skin that professionals consider better than microdermabrasion.
  • Plumps skin restores a youthful glow, increases collagen, reduces hyperpigmentation, improves skin cell production and softens fine lines.
  • See visible, younger-looking results after your very first treatment.

Book a free consultation today with Enriched Med Spa at Woodbridge, Ontario to learn more about our medi-facial services and all we have to offer!

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