Tips for Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal Vaughan

Laser hair removal is a great way of getting rid of unwanted hair and this treatment will provide you with extra time on your hands because you will no longer have to worry about weekly waxing appointments. Laser hair removal does require some preparation beforehand and the following tips will help ensure that your treatments are successful so that your results are permanent:

  1. Do not pluck or wax. Laser hair removal will only be successful if it can target the roots of your hairs, so you must not pluck or wax the treated area for at least four to six weeks before your first appointment so that the laser can target the root of each hair and prevent it from growing back. Shaving is okay and actually recommended because it leaves the roots of your hair in place.
  2. Shave the area you wish to have treated. While plucking and waxing are problematic shavings are actually essential to the process and you must do it 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. While your hair is invisible to you, the laser will be able to target the pigment on the roots of the hairs, so shaving the area is a must because it will decrease the chances of any burns that may happen with the hair being below the skin’s surface.
  3. Avoid the sun. Exposure to the sun before your treatment sessions is extremely dangerous, so you must avoid tanning beds and any type of self-tanners because they will impact your sessions negatively. They may lead to skin discolouration after the laser treatment and sunburn can cause excessive pain and blistering, which is why most professionals will not complete treatments on clients with sunburns. If you don’t want your appointment to be rescheduled, make sure you avoid sun exposure.
  4. Do not bleach your hair because it changes the pigment, making the hair a lot more difficult to target. Hair pigments are found in the root and absorb the light that is produced by the laser, which is how this treatment destroys the hair permanently. When the laser cannot target the pigment, it will affect the results, which is why bleaching must be stopped six weeks before your appointment so that your hair roots have enough time to grow back in their natural colour.
  5. Discuss any medications you are taking with the laser professional. Inform them of both oral and topical medications you’re currently taking because some of them can affect your laser treatments and may make them less effective. Certain medications can also cause your skin to be more sensitive, causing it to burn or blister, so you must mention any antibiotics, birth control, acne or photosensitizing medications you are taking so that they can adjust the settings of your treatment accordingly.

If you are interested in laser hair removal, Enriched Med Spa in Vaughan can help. We offer a variety of services, including micro-needling and vampire facials, so contact us to book an appointment today!

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