Here Are All the Ways Your Skin Changes Over the Years

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Skin is naturally your body’s largest organ. As we age, like all of our organs, so does our skin. As skin ages, there are notable changes. In some cases, these changes cannot be avoided, while others can be managed after the fact. Here are all the ways your skin changes over the years and the best ways to manage ageing skin.

How Skin Changes

Skin is made up of three main layers and produces oils and collagen to keep the skin’s surface layer hydrated and firm. As our skin is subject to more and more toxins in the environment, as well as certain harsh chemicals, dermal and epidermal layers become damaged. Additionally, there are dips in collagen production, which allow the skin to droop and fold easier. You may also notice darker patches on your face, known as age spots. Age spots are made up of clumped melanin and appear after extended sun exposure. Unlike a tan, age spots never go away on their own. Skin damage and signs of ageing occur at all layers of skin, which makes targeting overall skin ageing a complex process.

Preventing Premature Ageing

Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with a time machine, but we can help prevent premature ageing and offer solutions to minimize ageing appearances.

Prevent Skin Damage with Sunscreen

The sun’s damaging UV rays are a major factor in ageing skin on the face and body. You won’t be able to eliminate sun exposure, but you can protect your skin with a layer of UV blocking sunscreen.

Limit Toxin Exposure

When your skin is regularly exposed to unnatural chemicals in the environment like cigarette smoke or pollution, ageing processes will be sped up. By cutting out smoking, and washing your face after a long day out, you will decrease your skin’s exposure to damaging toxins.

Prevent Wrinkles with Botox

With consistent, repetitive muscle movements, skin collagen can wear out and break. This happens naturally over extended periods of time. Scientists have created a product, Botox, that disables certain facial muscles. By disabling facial muscles in areas prone to wrinkles, you delay or weaken their existence.

Reduce Overall Signs of Ageing with Facials

Experienced estheticians and facialists can reduce signs of ageing with regular facials. There are a number of different facials to target specific skin concerns. For example, stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with microneedling treatments. IPL photofacials, on the other hand, dive deep into the skin with strong lights to break up age spots within the skin.

Looking for your perfect anti-ageing treatment combination? Ask the knowledgeable staff at Enriched Med Spa about your best options and to book your next or first appointment.

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