Lip Injections: Dos and Don’ts

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Lip fillers used to be predominately used to rejuvenate one’s appearance. Now, due to many factors, including the popularity of lip fillers amongst influencers and changing standards of beauty, more young people, even teenagers, are looking to have their lips augmented to achieve a more plump and voluminous lip look. If you are considering getting lip fillers, whether for a natural enhancement or for an Instagram worthy pout, you should know these dos and don’ts associated with the treatment.

What to Do

Bringing photos of lips you like can help your injector determine how many appointments you will need to achieve your desired results.

If you are prone to facial cold sores, inform the clinic and your injector before the appointment. Lip injections can sometimes cause a cold sore outbreak. If you are prone to cold sores, they can prescribe a medication to minimize the chances of having an outbreak.

Be realistic with your expectations. If you have fine lips and want a Kylie Jenner smile, it is likely that you will need multiple appointments. Lip augmentation is a process and you should not expect a drastic change in a single appointment.

Understand that receiving lip injections can be uncomfortable. The use of a topical numbing cream lessens the discomfort. In addition, dermal fillers are also mixed with lidocaine, a numbing agent, to make the treatment even more comfortable.

Ice! Bruising and swelling is common and expected but icing your lips right after treatment can help minimize it.

Sleep in an elevated position the night after your treatment; even just one extra pillow can help lessen swelling.

Although you will see results immediately after your lip treatment, wait 2 weeks before judging the final results to allow any swelling and bruising to subside. Know that majority of people experience the most swelling the following day after treatment.

Return for a 2 week follow-up to see your injector. Your injector will see how your lips settled. It’s normal for your injector to massage your lips during this appointment.

What Not to Do

For at least 24-48 hours before your injection treatment, avoid the use of aspirin or any other blood thinners (this includes alcohol, vitamin E supplements and St. John’s Wort). Thinned blood increases the risk of bleeding and bruising.

Do not massage your lips after your treatment! It’s normal to feel a hardening effect of the filler and you may be tempted to touch or massage your lips. Let your injector massage them during your follow-up.

Do not get lip fillers close to a big social event. You will want to schedule your injection at least 2 or 3 weeks (or more!) before an event to ensure your lips heal completely.

Do not worry if you bruise and swell in spite of your best efforts to minimize them from happening. Bruising and swelling is common and expected.

Do not think that these new lips are forever. Dermal fillers in the lips last from 6 to 9 months, and for some, up to 12. Schedule another appointment for a touch-up when you feel you are ready.

Lip Injections are done by Enriched Med Spa’s owner and highly experienced nurse injector, Richel, who has been doing cosmetic injections in the Toronto area for almost 7 years.

If you are looking for lip augmentation, then contact us at Enriched Med Spa. Our team of professionals can help you achieve the look you long for. Call and book today!


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