How Facial Treatments Benefit More Than Just Your Skin

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Facial Toronto

For centuries, facials have been a way for people to sit back and relax while they are pampered. As time has continued, skincare and facial technology have evolved. Available treatments now span to include a range of skin concerns from anti-acne to anti-ageing. Each treatment maintains the same relaxing properties it always has. Take a look at just a few of the ways a facial can improve the quality of your skin and your life!


Depending on the kind of facial you get, its effects can promote collagen production and overall anti-ageing. Facial treatments like the insta-lift facial use instant tightening technology along with vitamin C serums to stop ageing. Treatments have been likened to Botox without needles, what better way to give yourself a confidence boost than leaving the spa with a rejuvenated, youthful glow?


Acne is not just a skin concern, it can be a real ding to confidence as well. Getting regular facial treatments can visibly reduce the amount of acne and even decrease acne scars. Deep pore cleansing facial treatments are phenomenal at reducing congested skin. Speak to our aestheticians about the best facial for your individual acne and the best facial frequency to maintain ideal results.

Time to treat yourself

Facials improve your life by providing an hour or two to just relax while someone else pampers your skin. All of our facial services will make you feel like royalty. The length of our services vary but most are between an hour to 2.5 hours. Look forward to time off from your busy schedule and recuperate.

Feels great

This is a given, but facials feel great. Each is a massage for your skin and promotes blood flow to your body’s largest organ. With happy skin, your entire body will thank you. Most facials are intensely hydrating, and the glow lasts between a few days to a few weeks. We can promise it will feel great but cannot promise you will not be running back for more!

Promotes lymphatic drainage

Your body’s lymphatic system retains fluid that is responsible for reducing toxins in the body and carrying around nutrients. Once this fluid is released, your skin will look brand new, you will feel the difference, and you might even have more energy. Facial massage is a great way to promote lymphatic drainage and overall flow within the body.

After learning the many benefits of facials, how can getting one not be on your list of things to do. Call Enriched Med Spa to talk to our staff about the best option for you, book your next appointment today.

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