Why IPL Photofacial is the Best Dark Spot Treatment

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Are you concerned about your uneven skin tone? You may want to consider an IPL photofacial. IPL photofacials eliminate or reduce the appearance of dark spots on your skin. Results appear as early as after the first treatment and last for quite a long time. Learn just how effective an IPL photofacial is and how […]

How Facial Treatments Benefit More Than Just Your Skin

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For centuries, facials have been a way for people to sit back and relax while they are pampered. As time has continued, skincare and facial technology have evolved. Available treatments now span to include a range of skin concerns from anti-acne to anti-ageing. Each treatment maintains the same relaxing properties it always has. Take a […]

Skin Tightening – Forma

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Losing weight is not easy and once you achieve your ideal weight, you may find that your skin does not look the way you want it to because it does not always return to its original state. This is very common because the skin will naturally sag whenever the fat cells are reduced and if […]