Benefits of Seeing a Medical Aesthetician

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Are you struggling with specific skin concerns? You’re not alone, and there is always a manageable solution! Have you ever considered seeing a medical aesthetician? Here’s the full breakdown of why you should see a medical aesthetician, and how they can help with your specific skin concerns.

What is a Medical Aesthetician?

A medical aesthetician sees clients each and every day with different skin types and skin concerns. They have a deep and thorough understanding of skin composition and carry out various treatments designed to elevate and restore client confidence. Medical aestheticians can help patients manage their skin and offer insight when it comes to skincare routines. Find the best esthetician for your skin next time you get a facial!

Personalized Care

At your first appointment, your medical aesthetician will sit down and have a consultation with you. During this consultation is the time you can let them know all your specific skin concerns. Following this discussion, your aesthetician can get started with treatment options. Following a treatment like a facial, your aesthetician can recommend an individualized skincare regime that targets specific skin concerns based on their hands-on experience with your skin.

Expert and Evidence-Based Recommendations

Medical aestheticians undergo thorough and extensive training for the various treatments that they offer. This training provides them with exposure to a wide range of skin types, concerns, and conditions. Their education, combined with their experience, equips them with the knowledge and expertise to make the best recommendations for you. Partnering with an aesthetician allows both of you to better understand your skin on a deeper level and put forth the best effort toward reaching your goals.

Take That Much Needed Time For Self Care

Whether you work consistently, are in school, or even just have a lot on your plate, taking time for yourself is extremely important for both your physical and mental health. Did you know, your high levels of stress could even be contributing to your skin concerns? Chronic stress can be characterized by increased levels of cortisol. These elevated levels lead to inflammation throughout the body and trigger oil production. When you make time to treat yourself, a medical aesthetician will relieve facial tension and paper your skin all in the perfect amount of time it takes to decompress!

Looking for an expert’s skin analysis, to find your perfect skin care routine, and to relieve stress? Ask the pros at Enriched Med Spa next time you come for a facial service at the Vaughn location! We can’t wait to help each and every client start enriching their skin long-term!

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