Are Dermal Fillers Painful

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It is essential to know what to expect when you come to Enriched Med Spa to receive any of our dermal filler procedures. We endeavour to be transparent and educate our clients about their procedures they undergo so that they can make educated decisions and come in prepared. A question we often get is: are dermal fillers painful? The most straightforward answer is yes, dermal fillers can be painful, but a lot of that has to do with the area of the face you are treating as well as personal pain thresholds.

The Area of the Face

Depending on where you get your dermal fillers it can be more or less painful. Some areas that are more painful because the nerves and blood vessels are closer to the skin. When the filler is added, the skin is expanded, and more pressure is put on these nerves. Some of the most common areas of the face that feel tenderer or can be more painful to receive this procedure are along the marionette lines, in the lips, and to the apples of the cheeks. The forehead is less painful than these other areas.


Another factor in how tolerable a dermal filler treatment will be is the viscosity of the filler. The thicker the filler is, the more difficult a procedure can be to endure. The thinner the filler is, the easier time most people have with it.

Tightness or Fullness

One thing that people do report when they have dermal fillers is not pain, but a sensation of tightness or fullness. This is because when the filler is injected the skin is expanded past its normal range. As your skin adjusts to the filler, this sensation will dissipate, and if your skin was at all sagging when you get the injection, then this sensation is lessened.


Even though fillers can be uncomfortable most of the patients, who receive them report that they are tolerable and that the results are worth the discomfort. Most fillers also have some anesthesia, which helps to mitigate some of the pain.

Topical Ointments

For many people, one of the most uncomfortable parts of the whole procedure is the needle stick. Fillers are injected using a very fine needle, but many people do not like needles and cannot help but focusing on the needle stick when it happens. One way to avoid this and the pain associated with the needle stick is to use a topical ointment beforehand so that this pain is easier to handle and you will be more relaxed for the injection.

All In All

At Enriched Med Spa we want you to have the most comfortable appointment possible when getting your fillers. Our talented team works their best to ensure maximum effect with minimum discomfort. That being said, fillers can be uncomfortable and cause some pain and tenderness. It is good to come to your appointment prepared for this discomfort and so we will always be up front. If you are interested in fillers, then contact us today, and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

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