11 Surprising Uses For Botox

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Do you also think of young skin, smoothing out wrinkles, when you hear the word “Botox?.”  However, it was always treated as a taboo subject until 1989 when FDA approved botox for medical purposes, like treating muscle spasms and eye disorders. Botox injections come from the deadliest toxin ever known to man, i.e., botulinum toxin that temporarily paralyzes muscles.

However, over the years, it has been a popular cosmetic and medical treatment ranging from treating chronic migraines to excessive sweating. This blog explores 11 surprising uses for Botox besides anti-aging treatments. 

11 surprising uses of Botox 

Botox is mainly known for alleviating the pesky lines around the eyes and wrinkles, and the therapeutic uses of Botox now account for half of the revenue. Let’s dig deeper into the other surprising uses of this treatment in detail. 

  1. Softening or slimming the Jawline

Over the years, people have lost the definition of jawline area, and most of the young generation have a square-shaped jaw. While contouring makes the jaw look slimmer, it is a temporary solution. Botox makes it permanent with a long-term solution by injecting a toxin into the lower cheeks on both sides. It makes a face more symmetrical and slimmer in the long -term. 

  1. Reduces Jowls

It also treats the sagging skin known as “jowls,” resulting from a lack of collagen and elastin. Fillers like Juvederm in botox treatment help people to get tight skin and a smooth neckline. However, following a diet routine and hydration with treatment is crucial for high satisfaction. 

  1. Alleviates migraine

Chronic migraine is like heavy headaches occurring for over half a month. Botox treatment is an NHS treatment that helps to cure migraine without side effects. The treatment blocks the pain sent to the brain and relaxes the muscles. Doctors inject the toxin into the forehead, temple, and scalp. It takes almost 2 sessions which are 12 weeks apart, to make it work properly. All the infections take about 15 minutes during the session under professional doctors. 

People opting for botox for curing migraines receive 31 injections in different spots of the head and neck, where the results last around 3 months. 

  1. Haircare

Botox treatment is believed to help men and women care for their hair. It reduces sweating around the hairline and makes blowouts long-lasting. Botox is injected into the scalp and near the hairline, which makes the hair voluminous. However, taking botox injections with limitations is advisable because too many toxins result in heavy eyelids. 

  1. Reduces sex pain

Botox treatment reduces pressure and pain on the pelvic floor during sex. Some women experience contraction of the vagina while getting intercourse which makes the process painful. Botox injections every six months apart or years( depending on the pain) help the muscles to soothe down and stop the contraction. 

  1. Reduces foot pain

Botox injections in the feet prevent pain for people regularly wearing heels or athletes. Generally, when people walk, the weight distributes over the feet, but it is exceptional for some people. It reduces overactive sweating or tight muscles, tendon contracture of calves, etc. These conditions arise from wearing high heels or other conditions. Botox treatments show better results than using steroids. 

  1. Treats overactive bladder

Around 33 million Americans yearly suffer from overactive bladder. This condition urges people to go to the bathroom or wet themselves constantly. The nerve signals travel fast to the brain to instruct the bladder to leak urgently. 

As botox injections have paralytic properties, it helps 90% of the patients to relax the bladder and restore continence. Patients gain control of filling up the bladder before having the urge to use the bathroom. 

Around 70% of women reported three leaks a day after immediate treatment compared to five to six times before. 

  1. Lifts face

Botox treatments minimally eliminate the use of plastic surgery for face lifting. It injects into the orbicularis oculi muscle around the eye, which lifts the eyebrows, making them sharper and more defined. Your eyes look brighter and awake, helping with mild upper eyelid droopiness. This method has longer recovery results without complications. 

  1. Reduces excess sweating

Often, people experience excessive sweating in the underarms, scalp, forehead, and palms. It makes everyone uncomfortable and affects their daily life quality. When doctors inject Botox into these areas, the neuromodulators like Dysport block the brain signal to all the sweat glands and reduce wetness. The FDA approved this treatment worldwide in 2004, running successfully in different clinics. 

Around 20 patients with excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis took Botox treatment in 2017 in the armpits and other areas. With these doses, there has been an 80% reduction in sweat rates even after heavy workouts. Botox treatment is a game changer for hot tropical summers and saves money on treating sweat stains. 

  1. Nose job

With older age, the nose begins to drop and become hooked. It changes the facial appearance and makes people look much older. Botox treatment lifts the nose and makes people younger in one session. Doctors inject the toxins at the nose base in the gap between nostrils, which releases the depressor muscle. It pulls the nose downward and lifts the whole facial expression. 

  1. Reduces acne production

Teenagers to older women or men suffer from painful breakouts and pimples. Botox injections are injected in small amounts to control oil production while having facial expressions. To cure acne, patients need a hefty dose of injections that prevent constricting facial muscles. Technically, it quells oil production anywhere on the face, especially in common areas like the forehead. However, doctors advise not to use Botox injections all over the face because of the potential side effects like a frozen face.

Potential complications of the Botox treatment

Botox injections are safe and effective medical conditions without risk or side effects. Complications are infrequent but may arise, like pain or swelling on the injection spot. Some other side effects can be droopy eyelids, headaches, or muscle weakness.

Healthcare professionals always advise taking treatment from board-certified clinics or dermatologists. These doctors take extensive continuous training on facial anatomy in managing post-treatment complications. Depending on their condition, they know the exact amount of injections and sessions a patient requires. Therefore, it is essential to research and seek consultation before finalizing the clinic. 

Restrictions for opting for Botox treatment

While Botox treatments are majorly known for reducing wrinkles and transforming your appearance, safety should always come first. Dermatologist ensures that all the pre-treatment procedures are cleared before injecting the toxins. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to refrain from botox treatment. For any pre-existing neurological conditions, consult with medical professionals first. 

Wrapping up

Therefore, these surprising uses of Botox treatment are beyond cosmetic purposes. It has proven to be one of the most versatile and efficient treatment options for different medical conditions. Licensed professionals and consultations can only administer it. As research continues to grow regarding Botox treatment, it continues to be a valuable tool in the medical world. 
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