Hair Growth Cycle with Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a great way to eliminate unwanted hair more permanently. While some people don’t require too many maintenance sessions or see results after only a few sessions, others need to go back several times or go through additional sessions to see visible results and prevent the hair from growing back.

To understand why this is the case, we need to first understand the hair growth cycle to see how it impacts laser hair removal and why different people experience different results. 

The hair on our bodies is constantly growing and shedding in a never-ending cycle that consists of three stages: 

  • The growing phase
  • The transition phase 
  • The resting phase  

The first stage is known as anagen. During this stage, the hair strands are inside the follicles and firmly rooted. Once the hair is ready to shed, it enters the second stage which is known as catagen. During this phase, the hair follicle shrinks and detaches which leads us to the final phase which is known as telogen. 

Hair is only attached to the follicles during the first stage (growing phase) which is why laser hair removal is only effective during this time. If you attempt to remove your hair through laser during the second and third phases it will be pointless because the hair is detached and laser cannot remove it effectively. 

The laser damages the hair follicle directly from the root which is why it’s only successful when it’s done during the growing phase. It is also for this reason why several sessions are required to see visible results. Your sessions should be spaced out roughly about every four to six weeks so that it matches your hair growth cycle. Over time you can start seeing results. It is wasteful to book the next session less than four weeks from the previous one because you are not giving your hair enough time to grow back and shed so that the laser treatment is effective. 

Most people require about eight sessions to see a difference. The machine will be at a different intensity level at each appointment so that it’s higher every time you go for a session. If you have coarse hair or a darker skin tone, you may need to complete more treatments in addition to the recommended eight. 

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The experts at Enriched Med Spa will tell you the exact number of sessions you require based on your hair type, skin tone and the area you wish to treat. If you’re ready to give laser hair removal a try, contact Enriched Med Spa today!

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