The Long Term Benefits of the InMode BodyFX

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Along with many other up-and-coming cosmetic procedures, InMode BodyFX is one of the many that people cannot stop raving about. But what is InMode BodyFx? What are its benefits? Is it even worth it?

What is InMode BodyFX?

InMode BodyFX is a non-invasive treatment that is used as a body contouring and cellulite treatment. It generates radiofrequency energy to help reduce fatty tissue and contract the skin. This improves the appearance of cellulite, reduces dimpled skin and helps slow the loss of elasticity. It can be performed in all areas of the body, including the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, love handles, hips, and buttocks.

What are the Benefits?

InMode BodyFx has a huge range of benefits. Some of the key benefits that can be derived from treatment include the following:
Non-Invasive – Patients experienced a significant reduction of fat and cellulite and achieved tighter skin without relying on invasive surgery, like liposuction.
Quick Procedure – In most cases, sessions take as short as 20 minutes, per area to perform.
No Recovery Period – While liposuction involves a long recovery period, InMode BodyFX requires absolutely no downtime.
Painless – There are other fat reduction treatments that can cause some level of discomfort, but InMode BodyFX treatment provides a completely painless experience.

Who is a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

If you are interested in getting InMode BodyFX done, it is necessary to first check if you are a suitable candidate. In order to be considered as a good candidate, you must have these qualities:
● Healthy individual who does not have any serious medical conditions that can impair the healing process or increase risk of non-invasive procedures
● Individual who either already has their ideal body weight or is close to achieving it
● Person who has a healthy lifestyle and maintains proper fitness and nutrition
● Person who upholds realistic goals and a positive outlook about future results

How Long do Results Last?

Even though results are permanent, they should still be maintained with a proper diet and exercise. It’s important to remember that InMode Body FX doesn’t eliminate the body’s ability to gain fat or cellulite. Instead, it only eliminates the fat and cellulite that is already present. In the case of fat reduction and cellulite, the results will be visible after the first treatment. On the other hand, skin tightening effects will take more time until they become visible. At the end of six months, the final result will become more apparent.

Will Maintenance Treatments be Needed After the Sessions?

In order for results to be seen, a series of sessions will be required. Normally, treatments should happen once a week for eight to ten weeks along with additional treatments every three to four months to maintain the desired results.

InMode BodyFx is definitely an effective, safe option for those who wish to reduce the appearance of fat or cellulite and have realistic expectations about the outcome. If you are looking for a spa near you in Vaughn that offers body contouring, book your first InMode BodyFx session with us at Enriched Med Spa! We offer many other excellent services, including botox, cosmetic injections, dermal fillers, vampire facials, laser hair removal, lip augmentation, lip injections, microneedling, oxygeneo facial, forma and more! If any of these services catch your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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